1. When should I start looking for accommodation ?
We suggest to start looking for accommodation right away when you know that you are coming to Tallinn. Two months would be perfect, then you have plenty of time to see different options, do the contracts and don't have to stress about it. A lot of students have made a mistake that they start looking for accommodation after their arrival. It is not good idea because then a lot of places have already taken, you have only few options which might not suit you that much. Autumn is a high season for apartments rental, so that is why we suggest to start looking for a place right away. Also then you have time to find roommates if you are interested in sharing a room or an apartment.

2. What is the average price range in Tallinn?
The average price range is different, depending on the exact location. Around city center district it is around 400 euros, but everything depends on what kind of quality are you expecting and what exactly are you looking for.

3. Which areas do you suggest to live?
We suggest to live in Old Town, city center and Kadriorg areas. Then mostly everything is from walking distance.

4. What should I know before renting a place in Tallinn?
You should be aware that usually the first payment equals with three monthly rents- deposit, first monthly rent and agency/finders fee. Deposit you will eventually get back in the end of your rental period. Most real estate companies don't want to rent for students, because the rental period is too short. You don't need to worry about the rental period if you rent from Tallinn Student.

5. What advantages does Tallinn Student have than other real estate websites?
As we mentioned the biggest advantage is that the rental period is flexible. All our properties are hand picked for students and we do contracts before student comes to Tallinn. So when you arrive you can directly go to your new home and Tallinn Student will welcome you there.

6. How can I find roommates?
Tallinn Student has made it easier for you to find roommates as joining Tallinn Student group on Facebook. Also if you are applying through the accommodation application on our website then you can mark that you want to share a room or apartment, so that Tallinn Student can also help to find you a roommate.