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Tallinn Student is a real estate company that partners with colleges, universities, academic programs, and businesses to provide custom solutions for their interns, international faculty and students.

As many colleges and universities find the need to privatize or outsource their housing, Tallinn Student has stepped up to the task with new and longstanding partnerships with leading post-secondary educational institutions throughout Tallinn to help with their housing needs. We are the first of our kind in Estonia with three years of experience and setting customer satisfaction as our primary objective.

All our properties are hand-picked to fit the specific needs of our clients. Rentable properties are listed in our “Residences” category and if a suitable residence cannot be found, be sure to fill out the application and write the specifics of what you are looking for. We will then set the goal to find a housing solution which fits your needs.

In addition to our housing services we are actively looking to create partnerships with companies in finance, telecommunications, transportation, catering, nightlife and many other areas to provide discounts and other incentives. Our objective is to create a relationship between our customers and these companies to make everyones life easier and more enjoyable. Please see our “Partners” section for further details. Also, check our “News” section or join us on Facebook to take part in our upcoming events and stay up-to-date with discounts and other deals from our partners.


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